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Tenet Healthcare Corporation is a multinational investor-owned healthcare services company based in Dallas, Texas, United States. Through its brands, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships, including United Surgical Partners International (USPI), the company operates 65 hospitals and approximately 500 other healthcare facilities. Since its founding in 1969, Tenet has expanded significantly. Among other major acquisitions and formations, Tenet founded Conifer Health Solutions in 2008, MedPost Urgent Care in 2014, and in 2013 acquired Vanguard Health Systems, Inc., an investor-owned hospital company whose operations complemented Tenet's existing business. The acquisition created the third-largest investor-owned hospital company in the United States in terms of revenue and the third-largest in number of hospitals owned. In 2015, Tenet acquired USPI, which created the largest operator of outpatient surgery centers in the United States. In 2018, the company ranked 147th in the Fortune 500.

One disgruntled former staff nurse shared this in a review, "This entity is in dire need of an overhaul in management . Reverse Racism highly exists and is overlooked . Micromanaging occurs 24/7 . As an RN you can find so many other places in the area that will respect you as a person and you can enjoy your career."


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Current Employee - Healthcare Executive says

"Benefits being stripped away. No more employer matching 401K, Rumor that they are getting rid of ESL & PTO. Potential increase in employee premiums...why work for this company? Poor employee moral. Ran the hospitals into the ground, now they are running the surgery centers 6 feet under."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Senior management does not care about people, just financials. I never felt valued here, nor was I really given the chance to make valuable contributions. Most front line employees felt like they could be outsourced at any time."

Current Employee - Clinical Coordinator says

"We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and are always looking to improve our offerings. This will be shared with leadership immediately."

Former Employee - Project Coordinator says

"Poor benefits, and poor communication"

Former Employee - Business Office Coordinator says

"Too many to mention. Mainly a very greedy company that feeds off of destroying companies that it buys and closing them down. Top heavy management and little care to the true workers!"

Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Run fast! This is the absolute worst place to work. Stressful and mismanaged. Pay is ridiculous for they expectations and demands. Management is allowed to mistreat employees.We’re sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the pay/benefits offered. We do think of our employees as our greatest asset and are always looking to improve our offerings."

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) says

"Worst company I’ve ever worked for. Management sucks. Doesn’t respond to emails. Poorly ran company. Everyone is for themselves. Support is non existent NonEverythingWe appreciate this feedback. It is important that our employees feel they can be heard at all times."

Health Care Provider (Former Employee) says

"If you wantvto work for a company who doesnt care about their employees or patient safety, step right up. All they care about is lining the pockets of their stakeholders. The most unhuman organization i have ever worked for. I love my team and the people who work for me..the only reason i im not leaving as soon as i want. The hospital use to be a staple of the community. The Nuns would roll over in their graves. We can only hope they get bought outCommunity needs usWorse corporate leadership everWe're sorry to hear this but appreciate your honesty. This will be shared with leadership immediately."

CT/ Special Procedures Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. Better off in a factory, it’s like factory work; and you have no support, no help when you need it. You’ll be lied to and abused. As a private-for profit center company: Th"

HR (Former Employee) says

"The company’s acting CEO does not care about employees. He has taken away holidays and offshores lots of jobs. He is the most hated CEO, having to install bulletproof glass in his office and drive different cars for his protection. The management team is incompetent, play favorites and have no sense of how a team is supposed to function."

Manager Employee and Labor Relations (Former Employee) says

"Adversarial management style, poor employee relations. Overly concerned with cost-cutting and profit which affects patient care. Alos look at the certifications that have been taken away by the federal government"

Certified Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible environment even worse management . High turnover rate . The amount of work they want you to do is not worth the pay or legal risks . Save yourself."

Certified lab assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management promises opportunity when you first come on the job but they are always short staffed and have to overwork yourself to make up for it, they never finish properly tanning you, when new employees are brought on the job you are expected to train them without being properly trained yourself, then are blamed for their incompetence and forced to pick up extra work to make up for it or you will be written up also by talking to previous employees I learned that management favorites employees and categorizes them based on personal gain that even if you are excellent at your job you will get terminated for not playing along with management, they terminate all life outside of work by overworking you and scheduling you for one weekend on and the next on call you are punished for having an outside life that interferes with your work so if you have a family don't waste your time in applying hereN/aThey overwork you, target you, discriminate you even if you are excellent at your jobWe are sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate you voicing your concern."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Maybe it's a good company in US but in Philippines, its not. the management are hilarious. Its making you feel hopeful but the truth is your not. They will let you go in the air like your nothing."

Medical Technologist (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, there are low perks on this company. You will be overwork, constantly stressed out. Low pay and poor training, consisting of three days per department. No job security, the human resources department is nonexistent. They will write out for mistakes even during training. Don't sign those. Coworkers are friendly just riding the boat same as you. Good Luck if you decide to work for this company. Unionized, time to fight for better benefits and job security for the employee."

Staff Physician (Former Employee) says

"High school click atmosphere with the administrators having only a high school diploma. No admin skills. Ignorance is rampant. Hires share the same ignorance as the leadersWe are sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate you voicing your concern."

Radiologic Technologist (Former Employee) says

"It’s about the money for Tennet . They talk a big game about them being there for pts but it’s all about money . When it’s slow ( which you don’t have control over) they send you home . When it’s busy they won’t give you a day off . And when you want a day off they have no coverage. So your PTOs rack up and you have 500 pto hours you can’t use because they can’t give you off . Then you lose your PTO hours .Thank you for the review. We will share your feedback with leadership."

Managing Director (Former Employee) says

"I’ve received no training to do my job. People are cut out of the blue with no plan for others to absorb that person’s job. Therefore, problems eventually surface and no one knows what to do. Different functional areas do not talk and agree on processes. No best-practices across Tenet facilities (which includes hospitals, medical clinics, ambulatory)facilities, etcWe're sorry to hear this but appreciate your honesty. This will be shared with leadership."

Pharmacy Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Work culture will kill you, unless you're already a terrible person. No positive reinforcement, just criticism, even if you are doing well. Management is a joke, uninvolved in employee work and issues.We're sorry to hear this but appreciate your honesty. This will be shared with leadership immediately but also encourage you to discuss with your supervisor."

Manager, Managed Care Finance (Current Employee) says

"Hard work, long hours and very little promotion. Management not knowledgeable of work and no help. No directions on goals or procedures. Favoritism to certain employees.We're sorry to hear this but appreciate your honesty. This will be shared with leadership immediately but also encourage you to discuss with your supervisor."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"You start at 730 am but you have to show up at 650 am just to get a route.you then load a van with 320 packages with 235 stops. Your out 12 plus hrs a day with no overtime. There's no breaks. No advancement opportunities. They steal money from your checks. The boss lies about your money. Then if you ask questions they make it impossible to work. They basically try and force you to quit so they don't pay u any unemployment. Over all avoid at all cost. Very fast paced and extremely physical work.Work aloneYou get hounded if you fall behind.We're sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate your feedback."

Registered Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Big for-profit corporation that does not follow its own mission statement. FT staff get told to not show up for your shift frequently, come in later and stay later, placed on call or canceled altogether. You never know if you're going to get your work hours. They follow a matrix for staffing that is unsafe. They will purposely work you short-staffed and coworkers take a turn with you getting their hours cut. The work is so exhausting physically and mentally. No work-life balance. Expect short checks. They call this "hospital convenience leave" and it only works to their benefit. If you don't have any sick days left then you just earn no money. Leadership is toxic and changes constantly. Nurse to patient ratios are extremely high and dangerous. A mass exodus of unhappy staff replaced with new graduates that also do not last. I do not recommend. A simple google search will speak volumes of their terrible antics. Benefits are very poor with insurance very costly and deductibles so high you cannot get basic diagnostic testing done because deductible has to be met before they start paying.None to be honestunsafe nurse to patient ratios, poor leadership, poor benefits, poor payAlong with our employees, our patients we serve are of utmost importance to us. Of course, however, we appreciate your feedback and are always looking for good talent. Please feel free to direct all referrals to our career site at jobs.tenethealth.com."

A/R Representative (Current Employee) says

"I have been here over three years. Total nepotism in Tinley Park. If you are a friend or family member you will advance quick. They will throughly train you. If not, you are on your own. You have productivity and quality expectations to meet after 90 days. If they are not met they will write you you. After 6 months they will let you go with no real explanation. The managers are all friends of the executives or former executive who did not work for their position but where given their positions. They will micromanage you to no end. There's not room for advancement unless you are family or a friend. There's lack of diversity amongst the management team and executive team. I even heard a manager say she would never hire Spanish speaking reps. If you are a career minded individual stay away from this place. Plus the company for sale and they are constantly laying employees off.two break and a thirty min lunchlow moral, lay-offs, stressful environment, lack of advancement, company is for saleThank you for leaving an honest review about Tenet's management. It is important that our employees feel they can be heard at all times."

Respiratory Therapist (Current Employee) says

"This hospital only cares about their bottom line. They offer no education or growth opportunities. They do not value their employees and many are not happy to work hereCareer growth is important to us, and we're always looking for opportunities to reward hard work and loyalty. We encourage all employees to discuss career growth opportunities with their managers to help increase personal and business success at Tenet."

FUSSA Notes, Compliance Checker (Former Employee) says

"This place is a slave camp and always trying to find something wrong that you did or didn't do. I got written up for coming in 2 minutes early than usual.noneallWe're sorry to hear this but appreciate your honesty. This will be shared with leadership immediately. Thank you for your feedback."

Alex says

"I am using Indeed as an employer. Indeed was great 5 years ago, even 3 years ago. It has been downhill from there. It became a shady outfit with questionable practices they employ in order to gather the data they want. 1. They now force you to enter a salary range. You can delete it later, but only after posting. 2. When collecting phone number for a profile, you must agree to receive autodialled calls from them and must verify the number via SMS. 3. When you view an applicant's profile, they notify the applicant that the profile was viewed. 4. When posting a job, they are going to great lengths to create an illusion you have to sponsor it. There is only one feeling I have about Indeed - disgust."

Chief Officer Daventry says

"When I first used Indeed last year it was great, but when I tried them this year I ended up speaking to loads of nice friendly people in Ireland who said they would sort things out. Did they? No they didn't, what a complete waste of time and the cost of my time. BEWARE of free services!"

Shohreh Samsaei Bavarsad says

"rip off no way to contact them and i have been charged for nothing do not use them stick to gumtree"

Alexandra Abbott says

"First and last time I shall use this site as an employer. Totally agree with others who say it is almost impossible to post a vacancy without having your 'account suspended' and criticism of single words taken out of context by robotic reading as not compliant with discrimination policy. At third attempt post kept under review as salary did not meet the national minimum wage at £15 per hour! Also concerned by other reviews saying they had been overcharged direct from their account. Only sorry I have a job that somebody out there really needs and I feel unreasonably obstructed in advertising the vacancy."

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